NSCDC Recruitment 2022/2023 – Application Form & Portal (www.nscdc.gov.ng)

NSCDC Recruitment 2022/2023 is currently ongoing. In this article, we will cover the NSCDC job portal, NSCDC recruitment form, requirements, qualifications, how to apply, and other relevant information.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is a paramilitary agency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria tasked with providing protection against threat and any type of assault or disaster against the country.

The NSCDC recruitment portal is now open for business. Once the portal is open, we will notify you. You can remain up to date by visiting this page. Take this guide seriously because it contains all of the information you require.

Requirements for the NSCDC Recruitment 2022/2022

The prerequisites mentioned on the NSCDC Recruitment portal are listed below. To be considered for the shortlist, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian Citizen by birth
  • Computer literacy will be an added advantage
  • Must be physically and mentally fit
  • Must possess the requisite qualifications and certificates
  • Present a valid birth certificate or an age declaration
  • Applicants should be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • Applicants must not have been involved in any financial embarrassment.
  • Applicant’s chest measurement must not be less than 0.87 for men
  • Possess a minimum of 4 credits in no more than two sittings in WASSCE, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB.
  • Applicants must not have any of the following problems: communicable diseases, stammering, mental problems, sight problem, ear problem, or any physical disability. Must be physically and mentally sound. No tattoos or inscription on the body.
  • Not be less than 1.60 metres for female and 1.65 metres for male candidates respectively.
  • Applicants must be fit and present certificate of medical fitness from recognized Government Hospitals.
  • Candidates must not belong to any secret society, cult or fraternity.
  • Must not have been involved in any criminal activities in the past
  • Applicants must be will to work in a new environment
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Additional Requirements for NSCDC Recruitment 2022/2023

  • NYSC Certificate Number and Year of Acquisition
  • NCE/ND Institution/Certificate Number and Year of Acquisition
  • WAEC Certificate Number and Year of Acquisition
  • NABTEB Certificate Number and Year of Acquisition
  • NECO Certificate Number and Year of Acquisition
  • GCE Certificate Number and Year of Acquisition

Updating Your NSCDC Profile

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has commenced the updating of profile for all applicants, having filtered out many applicants for under-height and overage. We have noticed that many candidates are having difficulties login into the NSCDC Recruitment portal to complete their details.

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What is NSCDC Application Number

  • The NSCDC Application Number gives candidates access to successful login and update their profile and also check if they have shortlisted.
  • Please note: The reference number on the acknowledgement slip you printed after successful submission of your application during the last recruitment exercise held in August 2019, is the same as your APPLICATION NUMBER. Example of what the Application Number should look like: NSCDC-2019-Unique Number, e.g NSCDC-2019-2000589.

How to Update Your NSCDC Profile

  • Step 1 – Log onto the NSCDC Recruitment Portal: www.cdfipb.careers
  • Step 2 – Enter your Email address in the first column, and your Unique application number / reference number in the second column.
  • Step 3 – Proceed to Sign in and you will be able to view your profile.
  • After a successful login, you will be able to see the relevant information that needed to be updated such as:
    • NYSC discharge certificate number and year acquired
    • O’level and year acquired
    • And other relevant updates.
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Note: Failure to complete these updates, will lead to automatic disqualification. All applicants who have their correct details but can’t log in due to the Error Message on the Portal are to exercise patience. The NSCDC portal will close on the 19th of March, 2020.

How to Retrieve / Recover CDFIPB Application Number

The CDFIPB Application Number can be found on your printed NSCDC acknowledgement slip. It is same as the Reference number. Also check your registered email address for any email from Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps for it might contain your CDFIPB Application Number.


  1. why are the tell me application was not successful
    i tried to upload for several people but all showed application was not successful?

    • Hello, It is probably because you are not qualified for next phase. However give it some time and try again. The site has been giving errors.

  2. I tried to log in with my reference code but was telling me that my my application was not successful

  3. I can’t find my unique number due to insurgency of the herdsmen, pls how can I link up with it again. Am Paul U. Nzeadighibe and my sister’s own is Precious A N

  4. Is like I’m not getting it. I have been having error messages like “something went wrong”
    Pls some one shld help me.

  5. Azin I can’t find my acknowledgement slip… ND my phone I used to register back then was lost….help ooo, hw do I get it…

    • Sorry, Your application was not successful
      Why is it showing me this?? Please I need help please urgent need

  6. I have successfully updated my application. My University was already showing their just my NYSC number and year that I have to update, my 0’level was showing waec May/June and Neco as well

  7. Good day, please help me, i can’t lay my hand on my application no due to change of phone, please how can i retrieve it, abeg.

  8. Must I put university certificate number because mine doesn’t have it. Thanks and waiting for your response

  9. I went through their website and was told that they are no currently employing . And I couldn’t log in.

  10. Pls. Mine keep telling me application not successful.
    Am very depressed and confused by the response.
    What really went wrong sir?

  11. I have been trying to login but it keeps showing me Application not successful.
    I don’t understand that, those it mean am not among those selected or what, because am confused……
    Please I need reply please

  12. Please what’s going on, i tried login in, it’s showing application not successful. Please what’s going on

  13. Please l have been trying to update my profile but it keep on telling me my application was not successful,pls what can I do.

      • Yes sir please my own was successfully but I don’t fill all the blank space that was provide because I don’t know what to put there and I submitted it like that please sir hope am going to qualify for the next step sha plz help me out

  14. Have submit without the year in cus of little space
    Pls hope this will not attract disqualifies only my certificate num was filled in

  15. I made a mistake, was suppose to put cert. number but ended up putting the yes and 2.1.
    Please, do you know how to cancel submit?

  16. Please help me, I didn’t finished my update. It’s only the NYSC number. My Hnd, waec was uncompleted before the cafe attaindant hit the submit button

  17. Hello, please I’ve gotten my application code no, but another problem which i thought would have been rectified was that the person that registered for me mistakenly picked optometrist instead of the general service things and i mailed them and they responded, which i sent all details to them but i just saw that it didn’t reflect, hope it won’t affect my selection now?
    Or what else can i do. Thanks

    • They filtered out under-height and overage candidates. If you are not qualified, it might be because of any of these.

  18. With due respect am seriously in need of assistance on this issue of updating details. Their is nothing I’ve not done possibly to sign in with my email and my registration number but all to know avail.

  19. Hello admin, pls those that have statement of result, what can they do as regards the certificate number? Statement of result does not have certificate number. Pls reply

  20. I lost access to my application code and I have no means of login to the portal, how can I retrieve my application code?

  21. Morning to you all, please is any means for me to logg in in to my account,I made a mistake with my nysc certificate by using nysc/OS/……. though don’t know may be is the nysc number required because some are saying is nysc certificate written on the right corner of the certificate…I tried severally last night and its was updated and I can’t no longer logging again to re edit…. please what is your advice or suggestion rather??hope it won’t affect the screening exercise ?…. please reply asap.. thanks.do have a lovely weekend…

    • My brother I made the same mistake and I try to log in back to edit but not possible again.infact am seriously worried.

  22. Pls I am seeing the name of my school and I am having my statement of result,, what will I fill there?

  23. I tried to input my email and reference code but it’s telling me
    sorry application not successful. What could be the problem?

    • They filtered out under-height and overage candidates. If you are not qualified, it might be because of any of these.

    • They filtered out under-height and overage candidates. If you are not qualified, it might be because of any of these.

        • If you are under-height or overage, you might face difficulties login in. However make sure your Application number must be typed correctly. Your Application number should look like this: NSCDC-2019-20001909

  24. Important Notice to those trying to update their profile: Your Application number must be typed correctly. Do not omit the hyphen (-) otherwise you will get unsuccessful application. Your Application number should look like this: NSCDC-2019-20001909

  25. I tried to log in with my reference number but the info giving me is that sorry but application with reference number bis not successful. Does that mean i was not among the shortlisted candidates, or what does dt mean?

  26. Error (#8)
    An internal server error occurred.
    The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request.

    Please contact us if you think this is a server error. Thank you.
    What could be the problem, Admin

  27. I have updated my profile but made mistake when filling my NECO,instead of writing my cert number and year of examination I wrote the number of credits I have.
    Pls will this have any effect?

  28. I have tried login but the stuff was telling that my application number wasn’t complete. Please what can I do right now.

    • Did you get error Your Application number… was not successful? Hope you typed in you Application number correctly. If so then it means you are not qualified for the second phase.

  29. My application was not successful due to a silly mistake made by me during the registration, my height is 1.72m, but I used 1.60m during registration, Please can anything be done to correct that? I just pray something can be done concerning it.

  30. Please I only fill the Nysc certificate number and year. I didn’t fill the Neco and Waec before submitting. Any help please?

  31. Pls i used my waec candidate number ,instead of the Certificate number,…hope it wont affect me…am afraid ooo

  32. Pls I have updated mine and was told it’s successful but I made mistake in the waec number input, how do I edit the information I input earlier.

  33. please I was able to login in successfully yesterday
    but after putting in my details they were Telling me.. APPLICATION NOT SUCCESSFUL

    • Hope you typed in you Application number correctly. If so then it means you are not qualified for the second phase.

  34. Pls. What are we to fill in the box below the institution’s name for those of us having statement of result.

  35. With due respect Sir I have updated my profile but unfortunately instead of me to fill the columns with certificate number, I just put year of graduation and i have submitted it… Sir what can I do now.

  36. Please what do I fill in the column where I have university of uyo. Is it my result class because there’s no certificate number on my certificate.

  37. please kindly assist me.i have misplace The CDFIPB Application Number and NSCDC acknowledgement slip due to some accidental issues…
    sir,please assist and guide me on how i can update my NSCDC profile….

  38. Please sir,
    How can I retrieve me application number? I lost my acknowledgement slip, no where to find it.

  39. Please Sir,
    I only fill in my NYSC details and i mistakenly update without filling Hnd and WAEC details. i have been trying to log in but message receive is (you have already update your credentials)
    please how can i complete others details

  40. Please I misplaced my application code and have sent a mail for them to assist me retrieve it but no avail…. Please what else can I do co I’m really confused.

  41. I was successful login I check on Sunday and on monday morining …which was 16th ..march…2020…I wanted to upload my certificate number I was seeing your application was not successful….I think this is a error message help me out so that I can fill the box

  42. Pls I want to fill my details into my profile and I found that is writing your application was not successful right now l login on sunday and today @ 1:45pm today on 16th march 2020 which I can view my profile and now is writing your application was not successful I need your urgent reply on it I will be greatful If you can look into my profile …i was successful login before now is writing your application was not successful my application code is NSCDC-2019-3525907 and my email is Hayourvision@gmail.com…..I want to fill my details that is when I see such message that application was not successful…. I will be greatful if they can look on it because I was successful login when I check and when I want to fill my details that is when am seeing that….thanks for the understand

  43. Please I was able to login on Saturday but couldn’t continue with my registration because what I have with me was my statement of result.
    Today I tried logging in, it is now telling me application not successful.
    What will I do please?
    Kindly help

  44. Have updated my profile, but the mail address I used in registration isn’t opening anymore and I have not been able to recover it, please how do I change my email address on my application

  45. Pls it opened last week on phone BT due too I can’t do it on phone so I z I will do it at cafe…. On getting dia today is writing unsuccessful…. Pls I dont understand it

  46. admin please help out as the space for the nysc no. could not contain the characters that i tried to input, meanwhile my degree statement of result has no number on it, what hen do I put in that box…thanks

  47. I went to cafe this morning to update an the operator mistakenly submit without filling in the requirements for the upgrade. Now they re showing me that I have already updated my credentials meanwhile the space is blank what will I do? Please help me I have my credentials complete I need help please

  48. Pls sir i log in but did’t know what to upload cos my nce is statment of result and neco printed one and i just sumit am confuse now.

  49. I was able to logging on the 12th and early hour of 13th but the server was having error in submitting my update now any attempt made to logging gives “application was not successful”…please can any one tell me what might went wrong?

  50. Please do I have to upload any document because I only saw space where I input name of tertiary institution, year that I wrote my ssce, nysc number and year.

  51. Sir I did not include d year i acquired my result bt my exam number is correct,will it be a problem for me

  52. please what am i suppose to use and login bacause they said i should put my username and password, and am using my name and email but couldnt login

  53. Hello pls hope we can still check today because have been trying to check since 11 of March it’s still not going

  54. Please havent fill the column when the man in cafe submitted. Am unable to edit now please what can I do.

  55. I have been trying to update my profile through out today but all that I can see was”application was not successful”. Does it mean that I’m among the candidate that have been disqualified?

  56. I need your help author… Cnt remember the state I was to sittd for my exam… Mayb from my state I put in(state of origin) or either way… Help me out by explaining it to me in details.. Thanks

  57. Mine is showing application unsuccessful for the second phase
    Will there still be third phase or there is no Grace for me again

  58. Pls what is the difference b/t refrence form and atestation form and pls can a retire civil servent of level 16 sing the referee form

  59. Please after successfully uploaded my information I discover I made a mistake instead of my ND certificate Number I used my HND number, I tried editing it but I couldn’t, is there any solution to that

  60. Please how are we going to get the information about the next phase for the shortlisted candidates which is screening?

  61. Please for those that was qualified for the next phrase of the Nigeria civil defence any lastest news and also what are will going to do in this next phrase

  62. I wassuccessfully shortlisted in NSCDC RECRUITMENT.the invitation letter in the portal is not mine.
    Am in taraba state and The exam venue in the letter is abia state.
    The details in the letter is not my details. Please I need help

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